Paperless CORONA guest registration

Due to CORONA, in many countries the contact data of guests have to be recorded. In order to make the guest registration easy and without paperwork, we help all restaurateurs and shop owners free of charge.

Create QR Code

Barkeepers, caterers and shop owners create a QR code and print it out.

📱 Guests scan the code

With the mobile phone the QR code is scanned and only the name must be entered.

You will receive the contact details

Optionally via email, SMS or WhatsApp, depending on what you or your guests prefer

🔒 Data protection compliant

The data of your guests will only be sent to them and stored by them.

Create your own free QR Code now.

Please enter your e-mail address and / or mobile phone number.
To this number the guest sends his registration.

The collected data will be sent to this address by e-mail.

Click on your country code and enter your mobile number.

If there are several branches, the name or location of the branch.


Thanks a lot

The PDF was created. Please check your downloads and print the PDF with the barcode.

Hang it up in a clearly visible place and make your guests aware of it.

Frequently asked questions

How much does CORONA timeclock cost?

CORONA timeclock is free for everyone.

What about data protection?

CORONA timeclock does not store any data - neither of you nor of your guests. Your contact data will only be used once to create the QR code. Personal data entered by the guest will only be transferred directly to you by the guest and will not be transferred or stored on or third parties.

Does the guest need an internet connection?

Yes, the scanned QR code refers to the website, from which the data is transferred online to you.

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